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Who am I?


All my work is Mobile-first with performance and the users' experience at the forefront of my every thought. I'm head over heels in love with snappy, performant apps that feel as responsive as a video game.

Trying new things always ends positively, even if it's a disaster. Success is only reached by climbing up and over a pile of failures.

Empathy, awareness and gritty determination are my key-skills and I will never stop trying to improve upon them. I love being surrounded by people who know more than me, and share a common goal. I think it's ok to copy, transform, combine in a world where everything is a remix. I use a combination of experience, trends and intuition to formulate ideas. I'm just as happy to tear things up and start again as I am to take an idea and run with it. I spend the time with pencil and paper and I never give up.


I'm a 35 year old Cuban American man living in Miami, Florida. I'm a Dad, a casual gamer and a has-been athlete.

I work around the clock as a Business Solutions Developer for a multitude of clients, big and small and from a divesity of industries.

My passion is creating beautifully elegant, simple, effective automated workflows and apps.

English is my native language. Spanish...let's just say my grandmother is not amused.


Home-made from scratch apps

Heavy Typeset

The design has a focus on big, beautiful typography and effective whitespace. html5 & scss only. No jquery dependancies. Responsive flexbox structure.


An incredibly simple, light-weight website for professionals wanting to put all their social accounts in one easy to access hub. This site uses html5, scss with flexbox.

Super random stuff to scratch my creative itches

Retro Glitches

A pointless, stupid, broken website. Because sometimes it's fun to throw the rulebook out of the window and just do whatever the hell you feel like.

Surreal Collages

Letting my imagination run wildly into the darker side of life. I like to make surreal pop-art collages.

Logo Creation & Iteration

Dev Tips UK

Logo & branding concepts for a non-profit organisation which provide tutorials and tips for people looking to get into web development.

Viasport Brand

Bringing a dated, 3d logo into modern times whilst maintaining familiarity and drawing it closer to the easily reconisable sibling platforms of viaplay & viafree.

Mobile & Offline

Sign In / Up Form

An experiemental piece of UI where the user can sign in, sign up or reset password in a single area.

Screaming Sun

A fun tribute to Rick and Morty, this pen is an svg landscape which transitions between night and day with the screaming sun. Built with SVG, Sass & Greensock - GSAP. *Volume Warning*.


Biz Case Studies

These take a long time to complete. They're in the works.


If you think I might be able to help you out with something, please get in touch. Friend me, follow me, fork me, favorite me, critique me, peruse me & validate me using the links below. Just kidding, just shoot me an email.